Separation Agreements and Australian Family Law

Society today is very different to a time when marriage was for life and the idea of a couple 'living in sin' was... well... frowned upon to say the least. Here are the statistics for today.

Statistically in a group of 10 people :

Two to three will have had either 2 or 3 defacto type relationships.
One or two will have had 3 or more.
FIVE will be heading for there first split!

So with this in mind it could be a very costly exercise to have the potential of 3 or more costly settlements. However if you and your (ex) partner can decide amicably then it doesn't need to be drawn out and expensive.

To Grey or Not To Grey? Why Are Women Aroused By Words?

Whispering 'sweet nothings' to your darling is considered the language of those who are in love. When it comes to dating a woman, a man has to bring his 'A' game at all times or else he will be shown the door.

There are certain things in relationships that will sway a woman towards you that we are all familiar with; nice clothes, jewellery, cars and fine dining among others. But none are more powerful than the use of the right words to arouse a woman. Saying the right thing to a woman is the basis on which many romantic relationships are formed, which is usually sealed with a kiss afterwards.

What is it about words that excite women to the point of falling under its spell? Let us take a look at what we already know. The romance books industry is huge business, where authors are paid handsomely, to use words that paint images of lust, romance, passion and sex. If a man and a woman read the same romance books, their reactions are guaranteed to be different.